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VoiceCom II is a GPS voice activated stereo mute and speaker switching system that allows seamless interaction between the GPS turn by turn voice prompts and the big rig stereo speakers.

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How it works: When activated the truck stereo instantly mutes and the two front cab speakers switch to GPS voice. Three seconds after the last voice prompt message ends the stereo and cab speakers automatically return back to nomal play.

No Modification to your GPS, stereo or truck is needed. Easy installation less than 30 minutes most 2004 & up trucks. All plug & play installation and nothing to adjust.

GPS navigators make getting where you're going somewhat easier, especially when traveling in unfamiliar areas and avoid red light cameras. In addition, some help you find essential services like food, gas and the use of pre-programmed points of interest. Since GPS navigators will give audible as well as visual directions the ability to hear turn by turn voice prompts is an important safety issue.

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